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Fresh Cooking
Jams, Chutneys, Relishes and Preserves


Pickles & Chutneys and Conserves, Curds & Jams


Lemon Curd 300g

This is very tangy, made with real butter and lemon juice. It always brings back child hood memories of hot lemon tarts, along with the thick ear after pre-sampling!

Sticky Fig Relish 180g

Diced figs soaked in spiced vinegar and then gently cooked before adding rich dark brown sugar. The result is a tangy and sweet relish. Superb with soft a cheese.

Chilli Jam 200g

Sticky-sweet jam smoulders with a gentle heat from crushed red chillies and hot chilli powder and tomato. Incredibly versatile with fish, meats, sarnies and cream cheese.


Hot Lime Pickle 280g

Tangy limes with chillies, mustard seed and coriander with fenugreek. We will not pretend we make it. It’s made in India and has the authentic taste and its delicious with poppadoms. Served with a curry, it accompanies it perfectly.

Allergan information contains Mustard flour.

El Diablo Salsa 280g

Spicy. Tomato, onion, red peppers, crushed

chillies and garlic. Fantastic as a dip, with a stir fry or even with a delicious chilli con-carne!

Spiced Tomato Chutney 280g

Full-bodied hearty chutney with a hint of chilli.

Fabulous on burgers, with sizzling sausages, pulled pork or just on a sandwich.

Even use it with pasta hot or cold.


Mango Chutney 280g

Made in India with tangy green mangoes, this is, authentic stuff. Sweet and luscious, it's fab with curries and is perfect in a creamy Coronation Chicken.

Caribbean Chutney 280g

The collaboration of pineapple, coconut and curry with red peppers and a hint of chilli. Served with a slice of delicious ham on top of a gammon steak,  topped with cheese then lightly finished under the grill, perfect!

Tomato Chutney 280g

Sometimes the simplest things are the tastiest, like our rich chutney, bursting with tomato flavour. It’s gorgeous with cold meats, pies and good cheese.

Caramelised Red Onion 280g

An award-winning chutney made that little bit more special with the addition of red wine vinegar and balsamic vinegar. Delicious with goat’s cheese.

Smokehouse Chutney 280g

Yes, this is another award winner a tomato and red pepper, onion based product with a smoky flavour. It’s fantastic as a burger topping or with vegetables, mixed with pasta hot or cold.

Piccalilli 280g

Well what can one say so quintessentially English. A mix of cauliflower, courgettes, green beans in a mustard sauce. Marry this with a pork pie a chunk of cheese and crusty bread, perfect!

Allergen information: contains Mustard flour

Apple & Beetroot Chutney 

Beetroot & apple cooked together with onion, ginger & red wine vinegar. Truly brightens up a salad or tasty with a soft cheese.

Pickle for Pie or Cheese 280g

A tangy mix of apple, sultanas, onion, tomato, carrot, courgette, dates, mustard and allspice. I think the name gives a clue to the serving suggestions? The perfect ploughman’s pickle            

Allergan information contains Mustard flour.

Beetroot & Horseradish 280g

Diced beetroot cooked with horseradish, a small amount of onion, a pinch of chilli and red wine vinegar. It screams out for a delicious slice of beef but equally is fantastic as a salad topping.


Harvest Chutney with Ale 280g

This simple but scrumptious mix of vegetables, apple, dates, courgettes, carrot and much more is finished with ale. Accompanied with a great cheese sandwich, with salad, but even better with a sausage roll.

Allergan information contains Mustard flour.

Tomato Sauce 250g

Full-bodied and juicy with a hint of chilli adds a zig to your chips, a whoo to burgers and makes bangers taste special.

BBQ Sauce 250g

Our smoky-sweet barbecue sauce is a rich sticky combination. Perfect for marinading chicken and works wonderfully on barbecued ribs. 


Brown Sauce 250g 

The taste has a sweetness about it, combined with the fruit and the spices make it truly delicious. This sauce is made close to the location of the greatest food robbery in British history. Please send bacon sandwich!

Horseradish with Cream 190g

Fresh English grated horseradish, combined with mustard and cream. Please bring on the roast beef or try it mixed with coleslaw and grated cheese.

Mint Sauce with Honey 190g

We will not pretend we use fresh mint but English dried mint; when its mixed with the honey the flavour is fantastic and fresh. All we need now is some fantastic lamb chops or slices of fresh roast lamb.

Strawberry & Champagne Conserve 300g

Nothing can compare to this perfect combination. Just bring on the scones and proper butter!



Raspberry Conserve 300g

Fantastic for the Victoria sponge and let’s have some jam tarts.

Black Cherry Conserve 300g

One of my personal favourites, just a little bit sticky with a hint of sharpness.


Orange and Whiskey Breakfast Conserve 300g

Not the sweet jam-like substance that some call marmalade. It's piquant and sharp, and with the whiskey adds that hint of decadence.  

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